Vintage caravan



You need one of these applications to use the 3d model:

  • Poser 5 or later
  • Daz Studio (except reflection effects)


With this item you get :

  • Full posable  car  figure
  • Materials and textures
  • OBJ geometries


This is a vintage caravan inspired in the 1936 airlite caravan, although you can use for any period. 

  The caravan is a full posable figure for Poser and Daz Studio (except reflection effects), you can move the 3 wheels, turn in any direction the front leg, hide and shape the front ball and open the two doors separately.

The caravan has a detailed interior, including a posable drawer. You can bend the main table. 

The side parts of the caravan are body parts, so you can make them visible or not, to help you, if you need, to make an interior render.

All samples images rendered in Poser.


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