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Cars, motorcycles, boats ,planes ...

1966 Honda P50

A great motorcycle for your renders and animations, for Poser and DS*

1965 MB Bus

A 3d Bus inspired in the  1965 MB Bus for Poser and DS


The perfect jetbike for your scfi renders and animations, for Poser and DS*

Ford Anglia 105s

A car inspired in the Ford Anglis 105s
Yes, tha Harry Potter films car.

1984 Ford Bronco

A car inspired in the 1984 Ford Bronco,  for Poser and DS

WW2 US CKKW truck

A truck from the US army from the
WWII era, with many options.

1914 Cyclone racer

This is a motorcycle inspired in the famous 1914 Cyclone racer.

1942 Ford Fordor 3in1

Inspired in the 1942 Ford Fordor, with 3 oprions, civilian, police and military.

1963 Ford Galaxy

A car inspired in this 1963  convertible Ford, include top.

WW2 Kubelwagen 82

A car forn the german army  along WWII, the car comes with many options.


A landing-craft from the US army along WWII, it is full posable.

1918 Page six

A car inspired in the 1918 Pâge six.
Ready for beatiful travels

WW2 Steyr command

A car from the WWII german army, with several material options.

1949 Ford Tudor

A car inspired in the 1949 Ford Tudor.
It comes with several colors.


An all road truck from the
WWII US army

WW2 US ambulance

An ambulance from the WWII US army inspired in the WC-54 truck


A motorcycle from the WWII US army, 
it comes with many options.

1949 Pontiac

A convertible car inspired in a 1949 pontiac for Poser and DS.

Steampunk carriage

A vehicle for your steampunk adventures and characters.

1908 motor buggy

One of the first car in the history.
Included cover version.

Vintage caravan

Take a walk in the nature , 
and live like in home.

1940 Ford sedan  2d

A car inspired in the 1940 Ford sedan two doors for Poser and DS

1937 race car

A car for your vintage races
For Poser and DS

1934 Ford 40

A convertible car inspired in the  1934 Ford 40  for Poser and DS


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All 3d models in this site by adh3d , unless specified otherwise expressly.