*Product Name: Normal maps for adman v2
*Copyright 7/2017
*By: adh3d
*Contact: [email protected]

With this file you get normal maps to be used in the free adman v2 Poser 9+ figure.

The adman v2 figure comes with displacements maps by default to get the "bump" of the human skin, hair...

Although these displacement maps are great and realistic, because the way they work, they actually change the mesh depth
in the render process, can be problematic when you render the figure with clothes, because sometimes,they produce in the renders pocket through 
that cannot be seen in the preview window.

In this item you get normal maps to produce that "bump" in the skin... 

In the renders they produce the "bump" effects, but it is only a "visual" effect, they don't change the mesh.
They are realistic too, so my advice is that you use these maps when you use the adman v2 with clothes if you have the aforementioned problem in your renders.

You get material sets to change between nomals and displacements easier. Take a look in the materials library folder.

Any doubt, just contact me.


System Requirements:

Poser 9 or later


Ownership Statement:

All of this product's content was created by adh3d


Needed Files:
adman v2 free Poser 9+ figure


Installation Instructions:

Unzip in your Poser folder.