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Weapons, furniture, all kind of accessories...

Containers pack

Several containers inspired in the WWII oil containers, but calid for any period.

WW2 US mortar

A mortar from the WWII US army.
It comes with many options.

M1919 submachine

A submachine from the US army, full posable and detachable

WW2 M3 machine-gun

A submachine used by the alied in the WWII, full posable.

WW2 US weapons 

A pack including four  weapons used by the Alied in the WWII.

WW2 german weapons

A pack including three  weapons used by the german army  in the WWII.

Western weapons

A pack including two weapons used in the wild west.

Unicorn horn

A unicorn horn for the figure adHorse. You can change its shape and color.


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All 3d models in this site by adh3d , unless specified otherwise expressly.