Clothes, uniforms, warriors, soldiers,...

Pirate sailor

Complete pack to transform adman v2 into a pirate sailor

Dynamic bodysuit

A dynamic Poser bodysuit for the original Poser 9+ figure Joe the Bear

Ancient robes

Two Poser dynamic ancient robes for adman v2 free figure

Scifi pack one

A scifi pack to create tour scifi scenes, motorcycle included

Sport time

Let adman v2 practice sport comfortably with this pack

American Revolution 

All you need to get your soldiers from the American revolution

US Cavalry

Uniform, weapons and accesories to get your US cavalry soldier

Dynamic T-shirt

A dynamic Poser T-shirt for the original Poser 9+ figure Joe the Bear

The worker

All you need to transform adman v2 figure into a good worker.


Dress the adman v2 free figure with style, using these jeans.


Cover the adman figure with this loincloth.

WW2 panzer unit

Uniform to transform adman figure in a WW2 Panzer soldier

WW2 Fallschirmjäger

Uniform, weapons and props to get a WW2 german paratrooper.

Warrior Pharaoh

Clothes, weapons, chariot ,  props, live  in the pharaohs'  Egyppt.

WW2 USAAF pilot

Uniforms, props, all you need to start flying in a WWII USA plane

Real socks

Real socks for adman and adwoman, dress their feet.

Robin Hood classic

Clothes , props and weapons to share adventures with Robin Hood

Roman Officer

Clothes, armor, weapons, start to give orders to your legions

Scifi suit 

Dress the adWoman figure with this futuristic clothes

Simple dress

Simple free dress for the free figure adWoman.

Basic cloth pack

Pants, shirt, shoes, underwear, start dressing the adman figure.

Viking warrior

Clothes, weapons , the time  is here , the vikings are on board

Western pack

Clothes, weapons, bandits, sheriff, the wild west is that way.

Spanish conqueror

Clothes, armor, weapons, follow the conquest with the spanish soldiers.

WW2 SS officer

Uniform, weapons, the german army is ready to fight.

Templar Knight

Clothes, weapons, armor, the crusades are here, be ready.

US Cavalry pack

Uniform, weapons, horse equipment, all you need to ride on the prairie

WW2 US airborne

Uniform, weapons, parachute, props, all you need to get your soldier.

In the rain

Dress, boots and accesories for     Victoria 4


Clothes, weapons, props, the circus is waiting for the fighters

Roman legionary

Weapons, armor, the  legions are waiting for the conquest.

Dynamic ancient robe

Poser dynamic Robe for the adman v2 free figure


Slips, T-shirt and socks for the free adman v2 figure.

Shoes for adman v2

A pair of shoes for the free Poser figure adman v2.

Beach time

Take the free adman v2 Poser figure to the beach with this pack.


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