You need one of these applications to use the 3d models: 

  • Poser 9 or later

You need one this free figure to use this item : 


  •  adman figure, with and withouy genitals ,weight mapping
  • A female FBM pack (adwoman WM)
  • All the morphs of the adman classic rigging
  • New male and female poses
  • Female textures and maps


With this pack you get the weight mapping for the adman and admanGen figures. This is a new rigging system used  by poser 9 or later.

With this pack you get the new adWoman WM, a complete morph pack to transform adman WM in a female figure, with new female textures, caucasian,  african and asian.

The adman WM , the male part, has the same options that the adman classic rigging, but with the new WM rigging,  Enjoy the adman 

All samples images rendered in Poser.

More information in the  readme .


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All 3d models in this site by adh3d , unless specified otherwise expressly.