WW2 US airborne



 You need one of these applications to use the 3d model:

  • Poser 4 or later
  • Daz Studio

You need this Poser  figure :


Costun   :

  •  The tunic(jacket)
  • The pants
  • The belt shovel figure
  • The helmet
  • The Knife Cover
  • The open parachute with harness
  • The harness for a close parachute
  • The closed parachute 
  • The emergency parachute
  • The vestlife
  • The undershirt 
  • The suspenders
  • The thompson clip bags for the suspenders
  • The boots
  • The back mussete
  • The airborne gloves
  • The canteen in the bel
  • The M1 garand clip belt bags 
  • The AID belt bag 
  • The belt
  • The medical unit bracelet
  • A clip belt bag 

Props :

  • The canteen
  • The canteen Container
  • The M1 garand rifle
  • The Thompson sub-machine
  • The shovel
  • The  Knife and a Thompson clip 

Textures :

  • All the textures you see in the sample images


With this pack, you can transform Apollo Maximus Poser figure into an airborne soldier.

All the clothes and props are individual 3d models , so you can make the combinations you want.

You can select with some help dials, the rank of your soldier. You can choose between 101st division and 82sd division emblems too.

The helmet has several material sets so you can choose the right helmet for each soldier.

Enjoy more realistic WWII battle renders with all the options and elements this pack gives you.

Enjoy the Apollo Maximus figure

All samples images rendered in Poser.

More information in the  readme .


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