WW2 USA CKKW truck



You need one of these applications to use the 3d model:

  • Poser 4 or later
  • Daz Studio


With this item you get :

  • Full posable  car  figure
  • Materials and textures
  • OBJ geometries


This is a 3d model for Poser and Daz Studio ,inspired in the WW2 US CKKW soft top truck . 

  It is a full posable figure, you can turn and move the wheels and the back cargo door, the model is divided in two, one the main truck and the other 3d model the cargo back pack.

The cargo back part can have a cocer or not, the cover internal frame can be moved as you want. 

The 3d model comes with 2 different textures ,one for the army and another for the navy.

The model have a visible engine, and you can open the engine door too.

All samples images rendered in Poser.


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