WW2 USAAF pilot pack



 You need one of these applications to use the 3d model:

  • Poser 4 or later
  • Daz Studio 

You need this free Poser figure :


Figures :

  •  The flying Suit
  • The a9 oxygen mask
  • The b3 winter jacket
  • The a2 jacket
  • The boots
  • The pilot goggles
  • The helmet head set, with 3 different textures.
  • The vestlife
  • The parachute back bag with harnesses
  • The sunglasses
  • The cap
  • The pilot gloves

Textures :

  • All HQ textures and maps
  • The helmet comes with 3 textures, the winter texture, the summer texture and the light leather texture
  • The jackets comes with 2 textures, the clean (new) and the old one


This pack is to transforn Apollo Poser figure into a WWII USSAF pilot, for any plane.

All the clothes are individual figures, combine them as you want.

Jump to your plane and "render" it.  Enjoy Apollo Maximus.

All samples images rendered in Poser.

More information in the  readme .


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