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Any doubt about buying in this site, related process itself or any other questions related.


Do you have some doubts downloading the free items or the buyed items, the items' license...


Do you have doubts  yet, just tell us and we try to solve them asap  
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  • In the main menu, there is an option named "showroom", click there and you see several sections, "FIgures", "Vehicles"... , just click in the section you want and you will see the thumbs of the 3d models of that section, click in the "read more" button of the item you want to see and you will go to its page.

    How can I see your 3d models ?
  • In the main menu, there is a option "contact", click there and you will see a form where you can write your questions or doubts and send them.

    You can use our email address too or contact us in the social networks.

    How can I contact you ?
  • To access the content of each thumbnail, you will see a buttom down it, click the button instead the thumbnail.
    I click in the thumbnails, but nothing happens.
  • They are "mixed" with the rest of the items in each section, you will see a "free tag" in the thumbnails of the free ones.

    Where are the free 3d models ?
  • If you have found any wrong thing or problem in our site, or in its operation, just contact us and we try to solve it.
    I found a wrong thing or problem in your site.
  • This means that the link or the option that is that buttom for is out of service temporarily, surely it will be "active" again in a little period of time.

    This happens when a part of the site or the server is in maintenance.

    What does it mean when I read in a button "  TEMPORARILY OFFLINE ?


  • Just go to the item page, and click in "buy now" button, the checkout process will begin in several easy steps, first enter you email, this is the email you will receive the download link, them select your country, in the next step you can choose between pay with Paypal or pay with Credit card, if you choose Paypal, you will go to Paypal site, if you choose Credit card, then, in the next step, you can enter your information.

    How can I buy a 3d model  ?
  • If you have a discount coupon, you can add it in the checkout process.

    In the checkout step, where you choose to pay with Paypal or Credit Card, click on

    "enter a coupon" and enter the coupon code. The discount will be applied automatically

    Where can I add  a discount coupon ?
  • or Paddle  is a payment processor.

    It adds extra protection to the checkout process and send you the emails with your receipts and the email where you get the download link.

    What is paddle or ?
  • Just go to each item page and repeat the checkout process.

    There is no a cart to buy several items at once for now.

    How can I buy more than one item at once ?
  • The entire  site has a SSL protection by comodo.

    In the checkout process, apart of that SSL by Comodo, add its own SSL extra  protection.

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This secure link ensures that all data transferred remains private.

    Is it secure your site ?
  • After you make the payment, you will receive in the email you enter in the checkout process, two emails, one with your receipt, and another with you download button.

    After buying, where can I download the item ?


  • Althoug other thing is said, the 3d models license is very simple:

    You can use the items for your renders or animations, commercial or not, you cannot share or sell the zip files or the content files themselves.

    Note this is the license for adh3d items, not for 3d party items you can get in adh3d site.

    What is your 3d models license ?
  • The license to use the items, 3d models... in a game project is different, so, just contact us, and we can talk about it.

    Do you have a license for use your items in a game project  ?
  • All the content sell or share here, has been created by "adh3d ", unless specified otherwise expressly.

    Who have made the 3d models ?
  • For now, you cannot sell models here, but if you are talking about free 3d models , you can contact us and we can talk about it.

    Of course, the 3d models will be credited to you and your site.

    Can I add my models to your site ?
  • All the 3d models and other items you can buy or download in this site are made by adh3d, unless specified otherwise expressly.

    Are all items we can get here made by adh3d ?


Thanks for your question, we answer it asap.

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All 3d models in this site by adh3d , unless specified otherwise expressly.